BNSF was operating a train southbound around 9:00 pm Friday evening over the Keizer bridge just north of Salem, Oregon. The last car of the string lost an axle a mile prior to reaching the bridge and was being drug over the ties and ballast. Upon reaching the bridge it broke through the first bridge ties and drug 8 other cars with it to the onion field below. The existing 508' timber pile bridge was completely destroyed as shown.

Wiser Rail was called out to the site by BNSF early on Saturday morning to begin locating the replacement steel piles and perform a field survey of the existing alignment and bridge location. Once this field survey was completed, we prepared a plan set for construction and permitting.

The project involved utilizing a Topcon Total Station to survey the existing ravine and trestle for a coordinate based location and elevation. This was then downloaded into AutoCAD to develop the steel pile bent locations. The rebuild bridge was designed using steel H-piles, pre-cast concrete caps, and T-beam girders. The bridge is located near Salem, Oregon on a BNSF main line. Tom Wiser was Project Engineer and performed the site surveying services with the assistance of a rodman.


The completed bridge