Contracted directly with the City to prepare the Rail Crossing ODOT Rail Application, the Civil Road plans for the City, and the rail plans for the Portland & Western. The existing crossing consisted of Omni rubber crossing panels with a very rough road surface due to 1/4 acre of paved surface draining into the crossing. The project involved reviewing the track and road profiles and determining that raising the track through the crossing 8-9" would force all drainage away from the crossing and provide a smooth 50 mph vertical curve for the roadway. In addition, we added an additional road inlet to drain the majority of the water flowing into the crossing resulting in the crossing only receiving a few feet of drainage on either side of the track. The design included an asphalt underlayment below the ballast section and perforated pipes along the sides of the crossing section base. The project also involved the addition of sidewalks on either side of the crossing.

PNWR Boones Ferry Plan Aerial