Project scope involved coordination of road and rail crossing design between the railroad, ODOT, ODOT Rail and the City Engineers. This involved a number of meetings and design iterations to determine the proper configuration and layout to provide for safe movement of vehicles, trains and pedestrians.

This crossing was a very complicated crossing involving a number of turn lanes and interesting roads. The complicated nature resulted in a brainstorming session and a number of iterations between WRE and the City’s Transportation Engineer. The difficulties arose due to the close proximity of the intersection and the track crossing, the expansion of the number of travel lanes, the truck turning movements, the maximum length of rail gates and cantilevers, and the overhead power lines. Assisted the City in the preparation of the ODOT Rail application.

Design involves the preparation of construction plans for the railroad to build the crossing, rehabilitate the existing rail and install signals based upon the ODOT Rail Order. In addition it includes performing construction administration involving bidding, contractor selection, submittal review, resolving construction questions and issues, and review of contractor’s efforts and performance during construction.

The Plan