Port of Umatilla, Industrial Rail Rehabilitation: The existing rail track at the Port of Umatilla was showing signs of deterioration and was in need of rehabilitation. The project involved field review of the complete Port rail infrastructure to identify areas and items needing rehabilitation, prioritizing the repairs, development of opinions of probable cost, development of a three to five year work plan, preparation of drawings and specifications for the rehabilitation and construction oversight.

An initial field inspection was performed to review the rail infrastructure. From that inspection, it was determined there were a number of areas with significant deficiencies that needed immediate repair as well as a number of areas that could be done over a series of years. A complete track inventory was prepared of the track condition and any deficiencies. The Port’s tenant schedule requirements were determined and a site plan, phasing and construction rehabilitation plan and specification was prepared. The project also included an engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost.

The project also included construction assistance involving bidding, conducting a pre-bid meeting, assisting with contractor questions, bid review and award, submittal reviews, conducting a pre-con meeting, conducting field reviews of construction and review of contractor invoicing.



Damaged Bump Post


Damaged Switch Point


Broken Joint Point


Recently Broken Rail