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Responsible for the 30% design of alternate preliminary alignments for freight rail trackage impacted by the Eastside light rail project. These impacts included the UPRR Tillamook main and the Kellogg Industrial Park. The interaction of the light rail overcrossing of the Tillamook main and the Kellogg Industrial Park involved considerable shifting and realignment as well as vertical adjustments.

The existing Tillamook line was shifted west to allow for the two light rail lines to cross over and parallel the Tillamook main. This required the industrial lead on the east to be shifted north and east of the light rail overpass and the Kellogg Industrial park spurs to the west to be shifted west and adjusted vertically. The complicating factor was the vertical grades into the Industrial Park dropped away sharply to the west. The 30% design involved coordination with UPRR and the Willamette & Pacific Railroad. In addition, WRE was responsible for review and coordination of at-grade crossings, barrier wall and quiet zones.