Prepared construction plan sets for two separate parts of the project: the north phase comprised removing the existing 85 lb. rail from the facility and replacing it with 136RE IQ rail while maintaining current operations. The south phase comprised the relocation of a coal lead and the design of a three track chip storage facility with a rollover dumper. In addition, the south phase involved the design of tracks to replace access to an adjacent industry - CEMEX Concrete.

The north phase involved the design of a two spur shipping facility, a single spur additives facility with 317 ft. of hazardous spill containment, a single PCC facility spur, a Chlorate spur, a Softwood Preparation spur and eight road crossings. The design required that the existing facility remain operational during the construction of the new tracks. This involved the preparation of an eight phase construction sequencing schedule. The north phase involved the use of No. 8 turnouts and 12 degree curves.


The south phase involved the design of three storage tracks capable of storing 26 cars each. In addition, the tracks for the adjacent CEMEX concrete facility were redesigned to move them out of the way of the new yard. The yard included a rollover dumper with a tail track capable of holding 13 cars. Also, the existing Eastman lead was realigned to allow for the yard tail track. The south phase involved the use of No. 10 turnouts and 7½ to 9 ½ degree curves.

Responsibilities included plan set preparation; estimating construction costs; writing specifications; preparing Bill of Materials for all track construction for the purchase of rail materials prior to selection of a rail contractor; field review of materials and facilities; on-site review of delivered materials; modifications to fast-track design during construction; coordination with CSX Transportation; construction coordination of contractor questions; and construction field observations of track work performed.